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Estimating Constitutive Properties
of a C/C-SiC Composite Materials Based on a Brazilian Disc Specimen

Royi Padan


Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) designed for space or hypersonic applications require a reliable and cost-effective method for estimating and quantifying their mechanical properties.  CMCs, in general, and C/C-SiC, in particular, present complex anisotropic mechanical properties. Therefore, it several tests are needed to measure all independent elastic properties of CMC orthotropic materials. The current work introduces an efficient alternative method for estimating the elastic properties of a C/C-SiC composite material. Towards that end, the Brazilian disc (BD) is proposed with digital image correlation (DIC) for strain measurements of different select rotated material systems. A FE reverse problem solution algorithm enables a reliable assessment of the Young modulus and shear modulus.

Representative Results:

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