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Chen Sharhabani

M.Sc. Student

Chen Sharhabani

From 2017 to 2021, Chen pursued her initial degrees in Material Engineering and Chemistry. Her final project included innovative techniques of Photolithography - designing and developing microfluidic glass cells. From 2021-current Chens is performing her research for her MSc studies in the lab of mechanics of composite materials, under the supervision of Prof. Haj-Ali. In her current research, Chen stands at the head of a collaborative project of RAFAEL and MCM lab that proposes a detailed method for effective properties evaluation of a C/C-SiC ceramic matric material (CMC). Her work includes modeling unit cells of the material RUC (repeated unit cells) at micro and macro levels based on CT data. Her research experience is based on a Parametric High-Fidelity Generalized Method of Cells (PHFGMC) micromechanical formulation and includes analysis of CMC composite materials using scanning SEM microscopy, and advanced mashing tools. Chen is also researching CMC properties in the field of Nanoindentation experiments. Chen took part in the 62th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Science- Technion Haifa. Alongside her MSc studies, Chen also works as a lab instructor for undergraduate Materials and Mechanical engineering students in the lab of engineering materials.



2022-present: M.Sc. in mechanical engineering, Mechanical Engineering School, Faculty of Engineering , Tel Aviv University. Advisor: Prof. Rami Haj-Ali

2017-2021: B.Sc. in Material Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University



· SEM microscope operation.

· FEA analysis.

· Matlab programming.

· Scan-IP program operation. 

· PHFGMC program operation.

· Advanced mashing tools operation.

· Designing material's RUC geometry from CT data using SOLIDWORKS.

· Design nanoindentation and EDS experiments based on material properties.

· Analysis and calculations of material properties from Nanoindentation test data.

· Analysis and calculations of material properties from EDS test data.

· Photolithography operation.




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